See what you cannot hear with the Fluke ii910

Air Leaks

With a Fluke ii910 we can detect offer hard to find air leak even with the background noise in an underground mine or your workshop while you continue to work. Why run a costly compressor and not use the compressed air, reduce your running cost by identifying costly air leaks. Results in underground mining have been above expectations to date. Repairing these losses or leaks will lower rising utility costs. We will reduce leak detection times and this will lead to improved reliability and life of your assets.


Prove your refuge chambers are sealed and functioning before you need them. With the Fluke ii910 we can detect that pressure is not escaping as we can with vent walls. High pressure leaks provide a sound signature that the Fluke ii910 can detect and overlay onto an image for repair and later referencing.

Partial discharge can be dangerous and expensive if not located and detected early on. Void and surface tracking are the types of Partial Discharge which have the highest propensity to cause damage to equipment or create an arc flash. Similarly to how acoustic imaging is used to detect compressed air and gas leaks through sound, acoustic imaging can also be used to detect partial discharge. The Fluke ii910 can detect and overlay onto an image for repair and later referencing.


Partial discharge emits sound in the ultrasonic frequency range. With a high-sensitivity acoustic imaging camera, such as the Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager which we use, we can detect and  locate partial discharge for further investigation. The ii910 overlays a map of the sound on top of a visible image which makes locating the source simple.

(reduce your Greenhouse Gas footprint).

Image by Izzy Gibson


Leaks on pipe networks waste precious resources, with the water losses requiring substantial additional financial resources. Already minor leaks can cause massive losses. Therefore, any damage on a pipe network has to be detected and remedied as quickly as possible.